About Us

Purrsia Cattery came about as a result of a young girl who never had a pet growing up, ¬†purchasing one “pedigreed” siamese kitten for $50.00 from a newspaper ad in 1982. Because, back then, $50.00 was a lot to a 19 year old girl, I took that little kitten to a TICA show in Calgary Alberta quite convinced that she would win all the awards. My little apple head girl was promptly moved to the “household” pet section, and then she actually did win lots of ribbons. I had a great time and was hooked! While at that show, I saw what a real “pedigreed & registered” siamese should look like, and immediately after the show, started my search for a show kitten.

My cattery name comes from having a Persian father and not wanting to spell it the correct way in view of the association to actual Persian catteries I went with Purrsia.  Years later I was given a lovely red ticked tabby oriental shorthair from my good friend and at that time fellow breeder that started my love of orientals and I had great success breeding and showing some very lovely examples for many years.

Steven also grew up with cats. As a young boy growing up in Los Angeles, his first cat was a domestic shorthair that he named Tommy and he’s been an avid cat lover ever since. Steven began breeding cats with his late wife Jan Shon while in Texas in 1993 and together they had great success with showing and breeding Oriental Shorthair cats. Initially Steven wanted to raise Aby’s and also had Bengals but their program quickly became focused on Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cats.

In 2006 following my move from Vancouver,  BC to the US,   we added a Peterbald to our program.   Since Oriental and Siamese are the parent breed, (the other being the Donskoy) of Peterbalds,  naked and oriental in type just seemed to make sense to me and now,  we focus solely on Peterbalds as they have entirely captured our hearts.  

Purrsia Cattery has always maintained very few cats, we believe in quality over quantity and strive for healthy, happy and well adjusted pets whether they are for pet, breeding or show purposes.

Kittens are born and raised in one of our guest bedrooms and are introduced to cats in the cat room when they are around 10 weeks old. For their own safety, they are caged with their moms until they are about 6 weeks old, but get plenty of human attention and supervised out of cage time during those first six weeks.

Kittens do not leave our home until they are at least 12 -14 weeks old.  Both Steven and I are equally involved in loving, caring for, and showing our cats. We are both avid cat lovers and maintain very high standards for their comfort and care.

If you are interested in a kitten from our home, we would love to hear from you and we will always do our best to see the choice you make is one that will bring years of joy to your family.

We are located in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and can be reached at 702-448-3941.

Clar County Animal Permit A-19042295.